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My Story

Behind The Lens


Great to see you here.

I really appreciate you stopping by!

I am a landscape photographer based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

I'm happiest outside capturing moments in time, from the first light of morning to the last light of the dying day. You can purchase my prints right here by browsing my Collections


Why Me?

My work has been published three times in LENS Magazine, in InSpades, Nomadict, Nisi Fine Art Photography and in various other publications. I'm a 'Featured Photographer' with NikonNZ and was one of the ten photographers chosen to exhibit in New Zealand - "Iconic Futures'.  I am also a Nikon NZ Z creator, Nisi Ambassador and F-stop Gear Ambassador.  I have worked with New Zealand destinations by region,  showcased New Zealand, Christchurch in particular and the south with American Airlines. I have worked on multiple campaigns for Adobe, provided a gallery of images for the NZ Defense Force in Belgium, and send my purchased images all over New Zealand and the World. I also assist with workshops and write for interviews, presentations and other forms of media.  I am a Silver and Bronze Award winner in the prestigous Epson Pano Awards, Top 10 award in the Wilderness Photographer of the year and 4x silver and 6x bronze award winner from Better Photography Magazine.  I am also an international landscape photography judge.

Sharing with Others

I have a large, organic following on social media where I share my work and interact with my followers.  I use this space so others can see my work, and to show others how I do things, only promoting products and equipment I truly believe in and use.  I love to take people on a journey so they can see the beautiful places I visit with my camera, and some of the behind the scenes experiences that enable me to capture these often unique moments. 

Calm Sea
Cracked Ice

Proud to be Kiwi

I truly believe that I am incredibly lucky and am so thankful to live in New Zealand. 

I have traveled the world to discover that we have some of the most beautiful and fascinating landscapes right here in good old New Zealand.   We have the most beautiful beaches, rugged coastlines, lush forests, majestic mountains and stunning lakes.  Nothing gives me peace quite like being out and at one with nature.  How lucky am I to never be further than an hour so from somewhere truly spectacular.

 Inspiration is all around us. Nature provides the most spectacular scenery and I believe locking it into an image for all time is a privilege.

The right light, the right angle, the moving cloud........there is nothing like that feeling of when it all comes together.

I am always learning and  looking at ways to extend my skills.  

I push the boundaries of accepted techniques, looking for the X factor. That something extra that takes an image from average to exceptional.

Thank you again for stopping by

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Contact me to see how I can help you with:


A Piece of My Art to Call Your Own

Tourism and Destination Marketing

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Landscape and Long Exposure Images, Licensing and Digital Files


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