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Exploring The Coromandel NZ

Really excited to be exploring the north eastern tip of the Coromandel. It’s a part of this beautiful country that is close to my heart. Coro has some of the most scenic and spectacular coastline in New Zealand.

I’m starting with Kouatuna. First stop was for one of the best ever coffees at Lukes Kitchen then it was off up the road.

Opito Bay. An incredibly beautiful stretch of beach that looks straight out to the Mercury islands, popular with fisherman.

Just over the hill is Otama Bay. This place is a photographers dream with a white sandy beach, sand dunes, estuary and gorgeous pools of water reflecting the trees above. It was so good we stayed for sunset, got up at 2am to see the glactic core of the milky way and up again for sunrise. Didn’t want to leave.

Luckily you have to go past ‘Lukes’ again on the way out so that cheered me up. The food here is so good I have been back since for their pizza.

There are little bays everywhere on the Coromandel and we stopped at Rings Beach. It’s located between Kuaotunu and Matarangi, and is quiet and secluded. It was calm this day but apparently is a good spot for surfers when the swell gets up.

Back towards Coromandel Town is Whangapoa. Very popular with holiday makers as the beach is long and inviting with rocks to clamber over for the young explorers. Famous New Chums beach is just a short walk away. Didn’t get there this time but we’ll be back!


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